A constitution For Both the Many and the Few

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To whom had the legal rights to American citizenship. From another perspective, the second amendment gave represented all the American citizens both the people of color and the whites immigrants. In America today, many represent the white population, with the few are the people of colorthey were once slavers but owed to the Lincoln declaration and the second foundation are legal citizens of America. This essay will attempt to explain the fact that the second amendment was designed for not just the black communities, but rather for both the black and the white communities of the American citizenry. To begin with, the second founding was formulated around the time after the death of Abraham Lincoln. To the other, races it may not mean much, however, by analyzing the history of slavery and how it impacted the lives of their ancestors, it is easily understood why this means the world these communities.

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For any person, the definition of freedom starts with acceptance to become citizens of a country. In the society today most of the access to essential services are attached the citizenship. For instance, in the united states today. If a person does not have the American citizenship, they have limited access to most of the essential services, such as medical insurance, rights to own properties such as homes and businesses. Because of the amendment of including the black communities not just as legal citizens by birth just as their white counterparts, and to chose their leaders, the idea the women, as legal citizens can as well take part in elections was fathomable. Therefore, the fact the years later the constitutional amendment that gives women equal rights to vote was conceivedand imparted can be argued to be a form of freedom to the women(Kendall and Donnelly).

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Most of the aspects of the second amendment revolves around giving the birth of complete freedom to not only the black American commonalities but to the many American whom faced limited, freedom because of the beliefs and the practices the at the time. As the society advances, the culturally defined beliefs and practices are slowly changing making the elements of equality take shape not only amongst the people but also within the constitutional elements the hold the people together. American citizenship is defined from an immigratoryfoundation; the fact the second founding redefines the freedom of immigration rights means that it is an item the represents many American citizens if not all. This is the crowning factor the confirms the fact the most of the rights defined within the second founding, confirming that in as much as it may appear to be serving a few, most of its attributes are meant to serve most of the American citizens, if not all.

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