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The lie was that Nora had illegally borrowed some amount of money in order to pay for a trip which was required so as to save the life of her husband. She then begins to repay this loan in instalments by saving from household allowances and working behind Torvalds’ back. The challenges that Nora's faces include having to face a double standard of her inability to save her husband’s life, she faces inequality in her marriage and she faces numerous challenges due to her being a woman in a male-dominated society. Summary A Doll’s House is a play about the struggles of a woman, Nora, who fights for her role in marriage and in the society. Because her husband only sees her as his possession and is controlling she feels that her role is neglected.

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In this scene, Ibsen intends the audience to learn that marriage is a partnership and that women had the freedom to place their needs in front of the needs of their husbands. Themes One of the central themes in the play is that of marriage. According to the production a true and just marriage centres around equality where the man and woman both contribute to the decisions of the house. However, the play focuses on a marriage which is far from reaching this standard. The imbalance in the marriage between Nora and Torvald creates challenges for both of them. Women’s rights are still being neglected and even being abused in marriages as they are seen as the weaker sex. #4 Personal perspective On a personal level, I believe that women should be treat as equals with men in the society.

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