Abbotsford Sch Dist 34 v Shewan Court Case Summary

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of School Trustees) v. Shewan, 1986 CanLII21 879 (BC SC) Court Case The case between Abbotsford Sch. Dist. 34 (Bd. of School Trustees) v. The superintend of the school had his evidence from phone calls, letters and also requests from parents who did not want Mrs. Shewan to conduct classes. Parents also testified. Mrs. Webb doubted their capabilities, Mr. The counsel of committee also argued that the community was offended and the appellant, therefore, won on the significant issue of wrongdoing, and a higher penalty was given. According to Wetherson J. A of the Ontario’s court, teaching as a profession is part of the community and therefore teaching standards should satisfy community expectations. Community standards dictates what is right or wrong, so the main concern is whether the community can tolerate an incidence if no, then that is misconduct.

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Similarly, the British court found this incident misconduct because Mrs. A in delivering the judgment of the Ontario Court of Appeal in R. V Penthouse International Ltd in 1979, where he said that the case before him involved the moral standards of the community where the respondents taught and lived and not the Canadian standards of tolerance test applied to obscenity cases. He further stated that the moral conduct resulting to misconduct may have nothing to do with obscenity as illustrated under the criminal code and gave an example of teacher lying which may be viewed differently because a teacher is supposed to highly hold moral conduct. This ruling helped the British Colombian court in determining the role of a teacher in the community who leads by an example.

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