Accounting fraud Case Study

Document Type:Case Study

Subject Area:Accounting

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She is accused that over the period that the accounting fraud took place she wrote 54 fraudulent cheques for she had the signing authority on behalf of the company. Sixteen of the cheques were directed to her account and thirty-eight to her spouse's account. Ms. O'shea actions were deliberate and deceptive with the aim of using power for personal gain. The action led to the great loss in the Branham group an amount that was supposed to be spent in its development was wrongly used. O'shea was in charge, the company was unable to make payments. Victims Donna Leithand Wayne Gudbranson were the direct victims that were affected by the fraud carried out by Ms. Oshea. They would later explain how they had to pay for much credit in order to cater for the empty Branhams group accounts.

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