Apple Financial Statement Analysis

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Both Apple and Microsoft in financial year 2017 are operating an income statement with a profit Apple and Microsoft had a net income of $ 48,351,000,000 and $ 21,204,000,000 respectively. The total revenue generated by Apple company and Microsoft in year 2017 is $ 229,234,000,000 and $ 89,950,000,000 respectively. Both companies are operating at a good profitable margin that they are all running their business at a good leverage. They are also able to issue dividends to their shareholders and still maintain a reserve. Profitability ratios refers to the performance of the company and its cavity to make profit, examples are operating margin, return on equity, return on investment and return on sales. Debt financing activities for Apple Company is majorly commercial papers as of Sept 30th 2017 the Apple company had 12 billion outstanding commercial paper the weighted average for the same stood at 1.

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