Applications of kinematics annotated bibliography

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This article describes the application of kinematic concepts in the modeling of the human hand. The focus of the study is on the levels of kinematics involved in the movements of the bones. It also explains how forces are generated from the masculo-tendons, and how the combination of the two aspects (bone and musculotendon movements) yields hand dynamics. Giancoli, Douglas C. Physics: Principles with applications. Allmendinger. "Trishear: A review of kinematics, mechanics, and applications. The trishhear model is applied in seismic hazard analysis, paleoseismology, potential fracture distribution, growth strata analysis, among other real-world problems. Trishear is one of the models of kinematics, which will be useful in understanding its application in solving real-world problems. Nasseri, M. M. George. "Parallel manipulators applications—a survey.

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