Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing Article Analysis

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The introduction indicates the strong attachment of the original form of written art by the author because he regrets the introduction of computing technology which has killed the art of architecture. However, despite the identifiable displeasure by the author, it is important to acknowledge the massive development that computer technology has created in the architectural work. For instance, even though with a condescending tone, the author acknowledges the ability of the computers to organize, wonderfully create and magically present the data in more appealing and presentable manner as opposed to the traditional manual format. The concept presented by the computer technology, therefore, seems to have revolutionized the art of architecture. Despite the lamentation of the author to have lost the meaning of architecture because of the purported death of writing, it is reasonable for him to consider the underlying benefits presented by computer technology.

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For this reason, I bet the author could have no alternative solution despite his ingrained love for written architectural art and design other than to adopt computer technology. However, it is paramount to concur with the author in his declaration that architecture cannot be alienated from writing regardless of the advancement in technology. In this case,the author is moved by the intellectual insight that writing plays a crucial role in the designing thought process. As a general knowledge, it is worth to remember that architecture is not just the end result of the visual structure but rather a process pre-conceived mental constructs and concepts. Therefore, whatever the image of a design that is finally presented through a computer software must have undergone a series of mental drawings coupled with hand-written drawings to create a state of the art design.

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