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Needless to say, this company has established itself in the industry. However, regardless of the amount the company makes in a year, the critical point is how each product performs. In the 1970s, Bruce Henderson developed a model that can describe a company’s performance (Whitehead, 2015). This model was divided into 4 categories and the entire structure was called the BCG matrix. Thus, using the same model, the performance of Unilever will be assessed. 75 billion € 50. 1% 7% Refreshments 10. 008 billion € 0. 22 billion € 19% 4. 2% Home Care 10. 5% (Statista, 2017). This rate is high and with the right measures in place, Unilever can dominate this industry. The cash cow segment in the BCG matrix represents the products that have matured in the industry and they do not require further investment or market promotion (Whitehead, 2015).

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