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As the psychotherapist, I am keen to develop a rapport with my client to ensure she opens up and share the necessary information about her condition. From our previous sessions, Laura has been able to open up as she disclosed her age, race, occupation, marital status, sexual orientation amongst other private information. Also, she has explained to me her condition that her boyfriend, Andrew, in the recent past have been pushing for them to get engaged and she is not ready. The pressure from her boyfriend makes her develop personalities that exhibit extreme anger, depression, and hopelessness or a mixture of more of these stated emotions. Another issue that makes the patient’s condition even more pathetic is that she lacked a father figure since her father died and now she has again lost her mother.

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The client reports incidences of crying every day for the past three months and as a doctor, she cannot concentrate on her work at the hospital and thus resulting in a dismal performance. Similarly, the patients are unable to carry out her domestic chores such as cleaning and doing laundry since most of the time she is depressed. Also, the client reports situations where she detaches herself from her boyfriend, family, and friends to an isolated place where she cries while thinking about her past and the issues depressing her. She also experiences episodes of insomnia or lack of sleep whereby she sleeps for between 3 to 5 hours both day and night, acute weight loss in the past one month without dieting and finally, the client contemplates committing suicide to save herself the stress(Jimenez et al.

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Personal Status. Although the drug worked well in treating Laura, it had its share of side effects as she lost too much weight. Current Medication. In the recent past, the client has been experiencing gastrointestinal upset, headaches, and nausea and thus she has been taking over the counter medications such as painkillers to relieve a headache. Readiness for Treatment. Laura acknowledges the fact that she has a problem and she needs treatment. In high school, she reported scoring mostly A and B grades. Legal History. The client has no history of crime or involvement in legal matters or even juvenile delinquency. She has to criminal records and has never been arrested in the past. Marital Status. This will also help in treating post-traumatic stress disorder since Laura is traumatized by the fact that she was seduced by an older man in her teenage days.

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