California's Historical Development

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This attracted a lot of ambitious young men from different parts of the world. Although this discovery did not benefit everybody, it provided others with the chances to exploit the different economic opportunities in California like agriculture (Clay, Karen, and Wright 157-163). Although the invention of Gold Rush and/ or Statehood attracted a lot of people from different parts of the world to California, the introduction of railroads in 1869 played a significant role in linking the rich economy of California with the entire nation, The establishment of the Railroad provided a better solution the early Forty-Niners of the Gold Rush who wanted to come to California had limited options due to the long distances which would take about five to eight months.

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The Panama Railway, for instance, which was built in 1855 reduced the duration required to cross the Isthmus from a week of dangerous and difficult travel to a day full of comfort. This made it easier to transport valuable cargo like gold from California to different parts of the world. This created various work opportunities which led to high wages and created a healthful climate in California. The landscape of Southern California was transformed by the many farms, towns and citrus groves left in the wake of this event. Even today the entire state of California is well known for producing different varieties of fruits (Richard 199-211). Orange, apple, pear, peach, fig, and grape seed were the common imports that were introduced to California through the railroad from Asia.

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