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The most competition comes from five major fashion brands. First is Ralph Lauren which produces clothes, footwear and perfumes targeted at the rich business executives. The second competitor is DKNY (Donna Karan New York) that produces clothes, footwear, and cosmetics targeted for urban men and women. The third competitor is Tommy Hilfiger produces clothes, footwear, fragrances and accessories for the upper class. The fourth competitor is Hugo Boss that produces luxurious products targeted for the urban men and women. Some challenges arise where some groups do not support the company’s products because of their beliefs and societal values. Technological Technology advancement has remained a challenge to the company since it has to keep on updating its systems so that it remains fit in the market.

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However, since it contributes to success of the firm, the company has embraced the updates which have made it remain viable and competitive in the industry. Legal The organization operates in different nations in the world which makes it face different legal requirements. As a way of ensuring that it remains in operations, the company has to adhere to all requirements regardless of the expenses which it will incur. The changes made to the brands have aimed at meeting the needs of the customers in a better way so that they do not have to substitute the company's products with others from different companies. The social media has thus played an essential role in creating more value to the brand. Calvin Klein has also added value to the social media by allowing customers to recognize the quality brands which they can purchase to meet their requirements.

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Brand's online presence The clothing industry is highly competitive and every company aims at increasing its market share. Calvin Klein has recognized the important role played by the social media in marketing its products. Calvin Klein has embraced a number of strategies that will aid in making its digital marketing activity a success. The company uses the social media as a platform to let people know about the various products and services which it offers. Also, the company uses its website to interact with the customers where they receive immediate feedback once they have questions or need clarification. The website also has a shopping feature where the customers can make orders and receive them within the shortest time possible depending on their location (Yadav, Joshi and Rahman 2015, p.

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The online shopping has made customers decide to stick to the brand since they only have to make orders and receive the products at their doorsteps. The movie stars took over the advertisement and the photographs were posted all over the media. The advert caught the attention of most people in the world as they already knew the movie stars. The advert also gave people a new experience where they got to appreciate the quality of products delivered by the corporation in the market (Youn and Jin, 2017, p. There were many positive reviews by people where they claimed that they had admired the advert and that it had an impact on them. The company increased its sales immediately after the advert as many people had learned about the quality of the products delivered by the company in the market.

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Most of the users of the social media share the information which they find important thus making it possible to increase the coverage made by the company. The organization has applied the social media tools with the aim of having an economical marketing strategy and spreading information to a large number of consumers. CAMPAIGN EVALUATION Performance analytics As a way of rating the performance of the social media campaign, the company has used a number of methods and strategies to make it possible to measure success or failure. The performance analytics performed to aid in the decision making process on the way forward for the company's operations. The company measures the success of the campaign by monitoring the number of sales before and after the marketing activity.

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The decision-making process in the firm will also depend on the feedback received from the customers. For instance, where the customers' showcases of being dissatisfied with the services and products offered to them, the company will have to make changes that will have a long-term impact. The feedbacks also make it possible for Calvin Klein Company to determine the way forward in making decisions that will have a long-term impact in the operations of the firm (Yadav, Joshi and Rahman 2015, p. The feedbacks form part of the evaluation process that shows the effectiveness of the campaign process in the marketing operations. Calvin Klein has embraced the art of learning from past operations.  Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 5(3), pp. Turban, E. , Outland, J.

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