Catheter Associated urinary track infection Essay

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Having a catheter puts these patient at risk for contracting catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). In terms of patient’s acquiring CAUTIs, it is not good for a patient’s overall health outcome. Meanwhile, there are negative effects from a financial and even legal standpoint on the facility. CAUTIs can cost national health care systems nearly half a billion dollars on top of the facilities’ expenses. This proves CAUTIs are expensive. While working with my patients, I made sure to empty their collection bag in a timely manner while using proper technique to care for them. I also made sure to keep the collection bag at the appropriate level for each of my patients. Furthermore, the appropriate levels were monitored while one of my patients was being transferred.

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These techniques worked well in caring for the catheter. One thing that I could have been improved was encouraging my patients more fluids is necessary. While working with my 64-year-old patient, there were provisions from the Code of Ethics used. Provision 3 states, “nurse promotes, advocates for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the patient” (Fowler et al, 2015). Therefore, I applied the patient’s consent ethical code. I informed the patient of the procedure I intended to conduct on him and the intended consequences. I made sure the patient was comfortable with the practices that were implemented. I believe more time was needed in preparing my patient for the procedure. For example, this could have reduced stress and anxiety on the patient.

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In addition, this could have prevented the patient from resisting the procedure initially. Yet, I was able to calm the patient down and advocate to others on the patient’s concerns. For example, the patient was in much pain, and I was able to administer the pain medication prior to the removal of the catheter. Poor outcome from the use of bundled interventions may result in legal and financial implications. For instance, poor performance attracts scrutiny to determine if the nurse complies with the regulations for the bundled intervention used. A high degree of compliance leads to success in interventions. On the other hand, it can result in expenditure of financial resources due to the process demanding a lot of money to initiate.

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