Checks and balances in american federal government

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More important the US constitutions was formed on the background of protecting Americans from any form of breach executed by leaders, public or interest groups. American nation ideologies were crafted by our forefather who fought for liberations from the British government to create a new nation that respects human rights. The executive branch, the judiciary, the Congress altogether with interest groups are tasked to monitor each other to eliminate any possible strategy of excessive abuse of power or authority. The US Constitution Human rights are one of the fundamental concepts in the history of the United States of America. The amendments of the US constitution in the late 18th century paved the way for the protection of individuals as well as group rights.

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The independent government agencies are part of the executive branch that negotiates for treaties, carry out foreign policies and also act the overall commander of all US military forces (Yoo, 2008). The Congress or the Legislative is one of the most powerful branches of the government The US constitution has a system of checks and also balances that control the three branches. The shapers of the US constitution crafted the separation of power with the primary goal of monitoring and checking the three branches to avoid any situation of tyranny. All three branches of the government must agree before acting (La Porta, Lopez-de-Silanes, Pop-Eleches, Shleifer, 2004). The power of checks strengthens the separation of control that carries particular roles of system check and balancing that are the ingredients of our democracy.

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The process is essential for ensuring the Rule of Law dominates and curb passion in addition to the greed of man. The US constitution has a sweeping clause which allows the legislative branch, federal powers and also the authority of all the three branches to intervene during invasions and revolutionary act. Congress is authorized to hold power on a temporary basis and can stop civil liberties to institute systems of government. Congress can give a go-ahead to the military trial targeting civilians as long as the strategies will support the federal authority across the stats (Davidson, Oleszek, Lee & Schickler, 2014). The constitution states that Congress has the power to powers to call for war against rebels and invaders without the popular two-thirds vote.

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The financial data of all firms that carry business on public markets should benefit the federal government. Accounting specialists can now report fraud cases, abuse and any conflict of interest (Gorman & Stewart, 2004). The regulations are essential in providing reliable and also relevant data to promote a fair market that will appeal to more investors. SOA’s oversight ability contradicts with the accounting professionals. The professionals are given the responsibilities of handling the auditing, in addition, to consult clients based on the Act. Once a law is passed, then it is mandatory for all people to stick to the rules. Branches of Government The legislative branch has a House of Representatives and the Senate. The Senate has 100 senators while the House of Representatives has 435 representatives.

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The Legislative branch has the powers of declaring war on behalf of Americans and also borrow credit. The legislative has the authority of changing the laws and call for war while Congress had almost similar powers with the separation of power. Interest groups are members or organized groups that focuses on a specific topic. The interest groups influence national government policies in addition to activities that cannot be swept under the carpet. The strength of the interest groups is drawn from focusing on a specific topic to enlighten and also educate others to accomplish the primary goals and objectives (Heaney, 2006). The interest groups checks on the activities of all the branches of governance as stipulated in our constitution. Through the spirit of democracy, the interest groups can give their opinion for instance on the issue of the Affordable Care Act.

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The President of the US is always under checks since Congress cannot allow the head of state to make changes in the laws. The process is perceived as excessive abuse of power but the American constitution guards’ democracy in all its operations. Congress is also restricted from excessive use of powers while the interest groups are influential in appealing to the masses and rejecting some of the issues they feel will negatively affect the interests of the locals. References Barak, A.  The judge in a democracy. Beyers, J. , Eising, R. , & Maloney, W. Researching interest group politics in Europe and elsewhere: much we study, little we know?.  West European Politics, 31(6), 1103-1128. , & Lauer, L. Congressional Settlement of Tort Claims against the United States.

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