Chipotle Restaurant Case Study

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One of the key players in the sector is the Chipotle Company. The firm has invested in the restaurant sector all over the United States and also abroad. Steve Ills was the founder of the firm in the year 1993 in Denver, Colorado. It has realized a tremendous growth since then by offering fast foods to the consumers including tacos, burritos, and salads. The restaurant sector is full of stiff competition. It is focusing on organic ingredients that can produce convenient and high-quality foods. Also, Chipotle applies the production line strategy, which ensures that there is the employment of qualified workforce able to deliver as fast as possible. The company’s slogan is Cultivate a Better world, which signifies its commitment to environmental issues.

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However, the company still needs transformational changes for it to realize more growth since the field is very competitive. Recommendations Sustainability within the food industry requires proper strategies (Alhadlaq, 2016). There is a gap that exists between Chipotle and some of the competitors including Panera Bread, which opens at 6 am. Therefore, I would recommend the company to offer breakfast services to its consumers. At the same time, it should not allow the long working time to compromise the quality of the food provided. Also, the firm can engage the supermarkets in such a way that they can deliver their spices and foods on their shelves. It would be easier for the consumers to access and purchase their foodstuffs within the supermarket. Restaurant quality and customer satisfaction.

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