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As a result, different international and national organizations are directing their focus to ensuring continuous supply of clean water not only in developing countries but also in developed states. While these projects are dedicated to saving the world form water shortage, there are also other benefits that are accrued from using clean water. These include improved sanitation, which reduces vulnerability to infections related to poor sanitation. Notably, when people have access to clean water, they are in a better position to practices good personal hygiene. Both the young and the old become healthy and are more likely to be productive, which enhances economic development. For example, water shortages faced in 2017 forced individuals residing in Puhudiwula to use water from wells, which is a risk factor to chronic ailments that may cause permanent implications (Agenzia Fides).

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Government statistics indicate that roughly 400 thousand victims have been affected by water related infections (Agenzia Fides). Out of that number the mortality rate sums up to 1, 400 people per year (Agenzia Fides). The situations similar to what Puhudiwula experienced have witnessed the Ministry of Development and Environment working hand in hand with the United Nations Development to solve water predicaments in Sri Lana. The ministry was given 38. The Colorado River including other water water sources provide roughly 54% of Arizona’s total water (Watersense). Colorado River supplies approximately seven states with water. These include California Utah Arizona Colorado New Mexico and Wyoming with Arizona receiving the largest amount. As a result, various measures have been taken to ensure strategic supply of water in all region.

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For example, Central Arizona project (CAP) ensures that central Arizona, which hosts roughly eighty percent of the state’s population has access to Colorado River. S. pose implications for the future availability of safe water that will meet the demand of the growing population. Over the years, Georgia has strived to confront climatic changes that is a major contributor of water shortages. Arguably, Georgia has faced severe drought, which contributed to water bans that affected millions within the region. The ever-expanding Georgia means that the state needs to find an immediate solution to the water crisis, which is why the Georgia Water Coalition is committed to ensuring efficient management of water to ensure healthy lifestyles for both the current and future generations (Hess et al.

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