Coca Cola and PepsiCo Comparison

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On the other hand, the Coca-Cola firm takes part in manufacturing, marketing and selling syrups and beverage concentrates on its Concentration Business and still beverages and finished sparkling in the Finished Products Business (p. 78) (b)Which company has the dominant position in beverage sales? By comparing the net profit/income and gross profit for the two companies in a year, the Pepsi company seems to earn more profit even though Coca-Cola leads in the net income. While Coca-Cola has $28,109 as gross profit, PepsiCo has $35,799. Also, their respective net profit is $7. 098 and $6,513 This means that Pepsi has a more dominant position for the beverages. Therefore, Coca-Cola has a higher increase in its total assets between the two years. (b)Using the Selected Financial Data section of these two companies, determine their 5-year average growth rates related to net sales and income from continuing operations.

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