Coca Cola Competitive Strategy

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PESTLE analysis comes in handy towards evaluating the foreign markets and developing a model that matches the organizations' strengths with the capacity to thrive on the opportunities available. Coca-Cola understands the benefits and challenges that come with international trade especially on the need to understand markets in isolation though they sell a global brand (Coca-Cola Journey Homepage: The Coca-Cola Company, n. d. The paper will analyze the strategic positioning of the company through its different competencies and opportunities to evaluate the capacity to be competitive across several market segments. General Environment The analysis of developing a strategic plan to ensure Coca-Cola Company enhances their products reach and competitiveness is the evaluation of the markets through segmentation to ascertain the developing and emerging markets (Coca-Cola Journey Homepage: The Coca-Cola Company, n.

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The attractiveness of the beverage industry has equally led to the diversification of brands that bring on board substitutes making it challenging to gain a larger portion of emerging and developing markets. Coca-Cola Company has distinguished itself as a brand to enhance their innovation in a move that has enabled the entity diversifies their products to reflect the expectations of the targeted segments like the introduction of Coke for life or Zero (Lee, Chan, & McNabb, 2017). The industry rivalry has been countered by an extensive marketing strategy through the use of concerts and brand ambassadors that have a notable celebrity status in markets where competition is rife. The capacity to enhance the competitiveness of the organization lies in the commitment to often rejuvenate the consumers with several promotional activities seeking to sell the brand.

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Future Improvements The company takes cognizance of the threat initiated by substitutes especially in markets such as the United States where Obesity is a problem, the organization has advanced their brand portfolio to include products expected to help cure the problem. It is imperative to underscore the fact that the Coca-Cola brand has grown over years to gain a considerable following that would be better exploited through enhancing their product portfolio to exploit the market goodwill for substantive growth. Resource Capabilities and Core Competencies The organization has an organized and the world largest distribution system which defines their capacity to fulfill consumer expectations from time to time in the execution of their growth strategy. Coca-Cola Company has used their financial strength to enhance the marketing strategy in a manner that defines their ability to influence consumers through extensive promotional activities.

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