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Cohort study design can either be opened or closed based on the type of participant. The following study represents a cohort type of study design. This is viewed due to characteristics described in the research based on bullying. One of the main reasons that prove this to be a cohort study design is that the investigation is mandatory which as a result makes the research ethical which is necessary as it touches on sensitive matters such as victimization and bullying and causes such as Race and Urbanicity. Through the study, another characteristic of the cohort study design is shown where the study measures the potential or rather expected causes of behavior or reason of bully before the outcome has occurred. The research design used in this experimental study is specifically an open cohort study design.

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This is so as through the study the population of the students that were being monitored was just as of the state of the level of victimization in the environment and whether or not there is a certain level of prevention of the bullying. Being able to make several significant contributions to the literature such as the different categories of victimization and the use of the six indicators to steer or show the different levels of bully involvement. Also through the study, several implications are viewed majorly one of them being that the studying of various forms of victimization is in its way culturally sensitive this is so due to using the type of measure used. Through the study finding the subjects of discussion in the research study that are all similar would in many cases prove to be very difficult.

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