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The agreement will highlight various factors from the permissive and mandatory issues, to the changes that are necessary due to the renewal of the contract as well as the procedures to follow in the case of grievances from either party. Permissive and Mandatory Issues The Collective agreement between an athletic organization and union of professional athletes will consist of issues that are mandatory and permissive. Mandatory matters must be discussed between the athletic organizations and the union of professional athletes. With compulsory problems, the athletic organizations cannot make changes to the problem unless there has been a presentation of the same to the union and a discussion and agreement is established. When it comes to mandatory topics both the employer and employee must participate in the bargaining.

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As for permissive issues, the fact that neither party must be present for the bargains to take place illustrates that permissive changes will minimally affect either party or have no effect at all. Public Workers and Strikes. Public workers have a right to organize and go through with strikes. A strike results when following the ordinary channels to make grievances addresses bares no results. Therefore, the public employees are left with no choice other than to stay away from their employment positions to induce the addressing of their various grievances (Lovenheim & Willen, 2016). It is a favorite argument on whether or not to create a specific unit for the more than average athletes or superstar athletes. These kinds of athletes believe that their interests do not align with those of their less superior teammates or companions and therefore demand different bargaining units to address their needs.

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Given that the regulations of collective bargaining dictate that there cannot exist two different representatives in the same unit the superstar athletes may be forced to establish a separate bargaining unit to have their representative address their unique needs. Mandatory Issues The subject of wages is a crucial aspect of any collective bargain agreement (Budhiraja & Pathak, 2018). The salaries according to the athletes will vary depending on their performance, that is winnings as well as a contribution to the team effort. In the case when a professional athlete breaches a contract requirement, he is given a warning, a second breach will result in suspension while a third breach is a final chance because the athlete is liable to instant termination. In conclusion, the improvements made by the inclusion of athletes and athletic organisation in collective bargain agreements has promoted a more suitable working environment for the athletes and athletic organisations.

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