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An ethical issue is a situation in which a person or individual is required to choose between the alternative making sure that they choose what is right and fair for all parties involved (Doherty, Purtilo, & Elsevier (Amsterdam) 2016). Within a healthcare, ethical issues require an immediate response as they gamble between life and death of an individual or organization. Healthcare providers in such situations are required to make decisions for the patients when they are not in apposition to do so. Debates like whether its right to abort or commit suicide to arise and hence the ethical decision-making process is required in order to make sure that they do the right thing for both the future of the organization and the person involved.

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This paper seeks to explore various ethical issues experienced by the healthcare organization as well as the challenges they face. In this kind of situation, a patient may have different wishes that they hope they can fulfill before they die. However, it becomes hard for the family members to let go life support and give the member what they desire. Health practitioners need to be prepared when handling this kind of situation as the members may not want their patient to leave the life support machine when their time is almost done and their wish is to spend time with their loved ones before they die. If the practitioners are not able to make good ethical decisions they make end up doing things that violate the code of ethics and the privacy of the patient (In Morrison, & In Furlong, 2019).

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When dealing with an elderly patient, practitioners are expected to make decisions for them as they are not in a position to make rational decisions. However, a possible solution may be established as the service provider must face consequences for their careless acts that may worsen the patient’s health. The healthcare must ensure that all the patient's information is kept private and all service provider are expected to keep their oath and do their job as required with observing their code of ethics. In conclusion, the study affirms that various ethical challenges affect healthcare’s hence it is the responsibilities of patients, service provider and manager to ensure that they keep all codes of ethics. The ethical issues may impact the facility negatively and if various cases are reported it may lead to closure.

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