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Melina Gonzales is a singer in the church and has been affected by the Dysphonia disorder affecting her singing career tremendously. As she sings in the church at times, she finds herself singing at very high tones and other times lower her tone. This has caused Melina to experience dysphonia. In this paper, the central point of focus will be on dysphonia disorder specifying its causes, symptoms, treatment, and impacts it poses in one's quality of life. Dysphonia and its Causes Dysphonia is a voice disorder caused by events ranging from cheering in a sporting event, singing loudly in a church event, or even singing in very low tones. Voice laboratory is much focusing on functional voice diagnosis giving information on characteristic and change possibilities of voice production.

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Treatment of dysphonia has been done in different formats which include speech therapy, conservative therapy, surgery, and medical therapy. In conservative therapy, the treatment aims at identifying and eliminating causative factors the likes of alcohol, smoking, and stress. This can be achieved through the patient being encouraged to drink plenty of water or any other clear fluid to avoid throat drying. The other way of attaining conservative therapy are resting the voice for some days, and during this time you are resting the voice, one is advised to avoid speaking and hence can communicate with friends through writing. When your voice has some dysfunctions, and it’s the tool you use to reach out your audience you will always be dissatisfied (Salturk et al.

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