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The police and the community work together which makes it possible to identify the security threats that may negatively impact on the people. The collaboration of the police, community, and organizations ensures a safer community and encourages reporting of any form of crime that takes place. This form of policing addresses the immediate conditions that may have a contribution to crimes later in society. Community policing facilitates creativity in developing measures that would help in dealing with insecurities that have an impact on how people live with each other in society. When the community works together with the police, there is a high probability that achievement of long-term solutions related to crimes will take place and enhance the success of the society.

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The role played by community policing revolves around police and community relations as well as problem-solving in the society. This form of policing is relevant because it enables the police departments to broaden their goals and it also alters the way in which the police officers are organized to accomplish set goals and objectives in their roles. In most cases, police officers may not fully handle instances of crime because at times they do not have information on criminal activities that can take place within the society (Boettke, Lemke & Palagashvili, 2016). However, when they work together with the citizens, they have a chance to get more relevant information about crimes and stop them before they happen. When the local government works together with the citizens and the community, there is a high probability that the formulation of solutions that will have a long-term impact in the society will take place.

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However, the police department should ensure that all the police officers exhibit integrity and follow the guidelines provided in their different roles this making them efficient in making community policing a success. Some communities have witnessed police officers getting involved in crimes a reason why they have a negative attitude towards their involvement in any activity focused on maintaining safety. The only way through which community policing can succeed is through involving the citizens. Making some changes in the perception that people have about community policing would, for instance, have a positive impact on the method of policing. For instance, the relevant bodies should ensure that all activities have a focus on meeting the demands of the people in the community through enhanced safety.

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Community policing will show the positive image of the law enforcement agencies thus making it easy to build trust between them. Also, community policing will create a platform through which the law enforcers and the citizens will come together and agree on a common way through which they will support the safety of their communities. When law enforcement agencies use the right skills and virtues in their different roles while interacting with the citizens, there is a high probability that it will have a positive impact on their lives. Community policing would also strengthen the relationships between citizens and law enforcement agencies. For example, when people share crime-related information, they will make the work of the law enforcers easy and effective because they will implement measures with immediate effectiveness.

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