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The most popular of the operating system is the Windows operating system and Mac OS. These two are developed by two rival companies that have been in competition ever since their inception. Windows OS is developed by the technology giant Microsoft while Mac OS is developed by Apple for their line of Mac computers. The two operating systems have various distinctions that make them apart. The first distinct factor that differentiates the two OS is the price. (Mayers & Lee,2009). Windows OS is much more developed when it comes to server side development compared to the Mac OS. Windows OS is used in the development of the backend applications which in most cases require high computational resources which Microsoft has invested a lot of resources in the development.

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However when it comes to developers, more developers consider using Mac Os over windows. This is because Mac OS provides a better development platform for developers compared to windows OS based platforms. Strengths and weaknesses of Windows OS The advantages for Windows OS include: it is user-friendly because developers have maintained most of its essential features from earlier versions. The OS is easily recognized, and it has many compatible games and software. The weaknesses include: it is vulnerable to attacks because hackers find it easier to penetrate. Windows OS lacks proper technical support, if available it is inadequate. Another weakness is the fact that it is unstable hence those using older versions find it unsuitable. Mac OS X Security.  Learn OS X Lion, 405-420.

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