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However, training is very paramount for both the employee and the company; this is because training helps in meeting the learning requirements of the employees and offers a very conducive environment for everyone in the company (Newell et al. , 1990 p. The Gate horticultural farm owns some bulldozers which are used in pushing rocks, building constructions, wrecking, and farming. Those who work in the construction, agriculture or mining areas, operates very heavy machines. These workers work with different types of equipment’s which includes loaders and cranes among others. Resources of training will be obtained such as finances for buying those training materials which are not available within the farm. In this section it’s is also vital to consider and understand the learning styles of the participants.

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The training will involve projecting videos and power point presentations of safety and maintenance skills which are important for a machine operator needs to have. All the participants will be given a notebook and a ball pen for taking some few important notes during the training section. Some experienced machine operators will be available during the training in order to ensure that the new trainees do not feel like they are alone and isolated. The second phase of training is delivered in the external environment where the trainee will be able to learn practically about heavy machines. Evaluating and reviewing the training After the training of the heavy machine trainee, it is important for the training program to be monitored continually.

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