Digital Marketing in B to C Business

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Both products and services are marketing themselves through online platforms. Even the traditional businesses or commonly called brick-and-mortar are beefing up their existing efforts and even some are completely changing business models in order to capture their lucrative online market. All of these efforts are aimed to bring products to the client. The core reason for any business is to enhance how the final product is availed to the end-client (Tjpkema, np). Digital marketing makes it easy to connect business and the consumer. In the same report, 28% of business people who are marketing trough traditional media indicate that they will shift to online market in order to save cost (Cartlin, np). Digital marketing optimizes conversion. Digital business marketing of services and products measures success of the business by converting rates of incoming traffic into leads, sales or subscribers.

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This will depend on the intention of the website. If conversion is not done, the traffic will be meaningless. Also there are customer cares that are always available to give help to the clients at any time when they call them (Financial Times, np). Though this engagement, business gain insight of what customers want which helps them in future improvement. The information is steers business towards making the right decision in the next move. Through these, they provide customers with better experience as they develop good relationship with them (Edelman, np). They develop trust and loyalty in customers which is an essential tool for business growth. Therefore Digital marketing can be both advantage and disadvantage to business. Works Cited Catlin, T.

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