Diversity in the workplace

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Workforce diversity management: Biggest challenge or opportunity for 21st-century organizations. Journal of Business and Management, 16(4), 102-107. The article was published in the Journal of Business and Management in the year 2014. The authors of this article, Bedi, Lakra, and Gupta, are assistant professors from Bhagini Nivedita College, University of Delhi. Their aim to write down this article was to explain out how the firms can manage the diversity in the workplace. Managing workplace diversity: Issues and challenges.  Sage Open, 2(2), 2158244012444615. The article addresses the challenges associated with diversity in the workplace and the strategies that are applied to solve them. The article was written by Dr. Patrick, who has majored in research on how to understand and use human behavior in the workplace, and Kumar, who deals with diversity management in the workplace.

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W. Diversity in the Workforce.  Journal of Education and Human Development, 3(4), 73-82. The article, Diversity in the Workforce was published in the Journal of Education and Human Development in the year 2014 by the author, Hudson Jr. , a lecturer in Grand Canyon University. Bana, M. W. M. , Guyo, W. , & Odhiambo, R. Therefore, these employees take action of shifting to a better workplace where they will fully utilize their skills; thus, their former organization losing them. This cost the organization as they are required to recruit new employees. The authors argue that when a company takes to improve the diversity in the workplace, the employees feel motivated hence enhancing productivity. For practical and efficience training and development, the human resources managers are required to be well trained on how to hire skilled employees without any discrimination to improve the diversity with their organization.

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