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in 2013 he saw the possibility of running in the 2016 election by receiving massive support from Republicans of New York Such as Joseph Borelli and also carl Paladino. They later in 2014 suggested for him to run for the governorship. This was a good platform for Trump as it really helped paved way for him to run for the presidency later in 2016. he was not only a businessman but just a political beginner but he won the election. This was unbelievable, both for the political analysts as well as voters who firmly believed his competitor Hillary Clinton would win. They pointed out that increased taxation on imported goods would lead to increased cost of consumable goods as well as the cost of living for the American citizen. His message was well received by the voters of the white working class and especially those located in the old steel manufacturing towns.

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At a certain rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Trump once said that factory workers, skilled craftsmen as well as tradespeople had been left jobless as their jobs were shipped to other countries which were thousands of miles away (Mutz & Diana, 2018, pg. Celebrity and Success- Before joining politics, Trump had already proved to himself and to the American people as a successful businessman. During his campaigns in 2016, he described himself as a real-estate developer who was successful and who had already created many jobs to the American population. He explained how these undocumented immigrants committed a lot of crimes as well as filling the job opportunities that were available leaving nothing for the other people. His exact words were, (he was willing to get criminals and people with criminal records, gang members and drug dealers he said there were a lot of these people approximating them to two million to three million whom he claimed he will get them out of the country to avoid getting suffocated.

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This to some extent filled the hearts of the jobless American population with hopes and joy which may be to some extent made him win over their votes (Sides, John & Michael et. al, 2017, pg. James Comey factor and the FBI's Surprise in October - during the beginning of the campaign, Clinton had a certain scandal which to some extent tarnished her image. Free Media- Trump was speculated to have spent less money to win the election that his competitor Clinton because he didn't have to do it. Many major outlets of media treated his campaign as more of a show rather than politics. Major networks, as well as cable news, gave Trump a lot of airtime for free making him more and more famous. Later it came to be estimated by analysts that his free media could have cost $3 billion at primaries had it been paid for and a $5billion total by end of the presidential election.

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Most of the analysts wrote that free media not only paved the way for democracy but also played a big role in making Trump win the election. Although she later came to apologize she had already lost most of them. Mike Pence who was the running-mate of Donald Trump added salt to the wound on Clinton's mistake, making it more clear the scornful nature of her words. He opened up about Trumps supporters who were hardworking men and women of America. They were coal miners, farmers, teachers, veterans, and law enforcers, etc. who would make America great again. million votes that were wasted on Jill Stein would have been given to Clinton to make her the winner but Michigan voted blindly just as not to cast for Clinton. it was assumed that if she had won the state to herself then maybe win the presidency.

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Also, many Sanders voters who were disaffected voted for Trump instead of Clinton (Karpf & David, 2017, pg. Obamacare and Health Care Premiums- mostly in America, the elections are held in November which a month of open enrollment. And noticeably 2016 was like previous years because Americans were starting to notice premiums of their health insurance rising dramatically even for those purchasing market place plans commonly referred to as Obama care because it was set up under the affordable act of President Barack Obama. This strong stand of his as well as the attitude made him independent and proved him as an outsider which made it easier for him to win the white house. Conclusion As seen from the above proofs, it is obvious that Trump had many reasons to win rather loose in the American 2016 general election.

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The reasons describe at length his strength as well as his weaknesses with which we come to the conclusion that his advantages were a lot more as compared to those of his opponent Clinton. Trump was able and willing to fight through thick and thin to emerge the winner of the election no matter the drawbacks availing themselves to him. Even though he was underestimated to some extent but most Americans had the idea that Trump had a greater potential to win the elections. Springer, 2016. Sides, John, Michael Tesler, and Lynn Vavreck. The 2016 US election: How Trump lost and won. Journal of Democracy 28. Davis, Lanny J. Is voting for young people? Routledge, 2015. Karpf, David. Digital politics after Trump. Annals of the International Communication Association 41. Frean, Molly, Jonathan Gruber, and Benjamin D.

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