EFE Matrix and IFE Matrix

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The two tools will be used in this paper to review the Coca-Cola Company. EFE Matrix for Coca-Cola External Strategic Factors Weight (0. 0; 0=not important, 0. 5=somewhat important, and 1. 0=important) Rating (1–4; 1=poor and 4=good) Weighted Score (multiply weight by rating) Comments (additional observations) Opportunities: There is growing market in Asia. 4 Also people opt for healthier drinks such as fresh juices. Inflation leads to low market prices. 2 The cost of production has increased. 0 Based on this EFE matrix, the total weighted score for Coca-Cola is 25. This score indicates that Coca-Cola performs above average and its business strategies ensure that it utilizes all of the opportunities while effecting measures that mitigate the threats. 0 The company sells over 10 billion cases annually. Effective market strategies. 0 Global expansion.

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