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Houses built by architects have got a lot of advantages compared to their limitations. Houses like bungalow are sources of investments which can be used to create wealth and hence stabilizing financially as proved by architect, john lautner. To consider the establishments of buildings by the architects, costs and acquiring fee of the field are a big concern or else a threat to the construction by the owners of the buildings (Ching 87). To begin with, Architect Homer Delawie's explains that, architectural process consumes a lot of resources in his book ‘Production House’ beginning from designing, construction of buildings and symbols, maintenance and security are of a high concern in the whole process. Fee payment when acquiring the land is of a high concern, this is because most buildings that are being set nowadays the fields or the environment do not belong to the owner.

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Small houses requires few resources compared to large sites like finances few building materials for example, cement, timber, building blocks, sand and other necessities required.  Provision of resources is determined by the managers and engineers who actively get involved maximally to accomplish the required expectations of the building (McAlester 59). Project managers and the owners of the construction site gets in touch every now and then. The project manager surveys the resources which are not available and conveys the information to the owner of the building that eventually provides them. This will facilitate faster flow of required resources and distribution of new products once the old ones are finished. On the same note, the expenditure on the buying of land should not be too high.

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