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The process of group presentation includes; Familiarization of group members and work. All the group members should start by knowing each other by name, have their phone contacts as well as address. They should also be aware of what they are expected to do as a group in the whole presentation. Organize the structure to be followed. This can be done through the agreement between the group members but usually for a presentation one should start with introduction, middle section or body of your work then a conclusion. D. , Pg. Acquire all the materials that will be required for the presentation. This includes visual and video as well as audio support materials. Decide the format to be used and make decisions about physical arrangements for the presentation.

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Have in your mind the fact that you are the only person who is familiar with the topic of discussion and you audience is hearing it for the first time. This helps you not to be fast. If one finds that they are running out of time the best thing is to either stop at that point or briefly give a summary of what is left. Use aids. Where necessary support your presentation with visual and audio aids. Before your presentation day attend other presentation. You learn the mistakes that one can make during a presentation and avoid them during your presentation and it too helps you get the best techniques to follow to make a good presentation. Arrive early and adjust to surroundings.

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