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The following essay will discuss the different factors that make some to leave their native homeland as well as the factors that draw many of the American to the United States. Different countries around the world have different economic power and development. Therefore, this results to some countries having greater opportunities for people to improve their economic status than others (Bodvarsson, 6). For this reason, some people are forced to leave their homelands to such for new places where there are opportunities for them to improve their financial status and deliver their families from poverty. These hence have contributed to the high rates of immigration around the world for many years. Also, slavery is another method of forced removal where people are taken from their homeland by force and are forced to work at other countries as slaves.

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This is one of the major factors that contributed to the immigration of people from Africa to other countries around the world. Other immigrants move from their homeland to new countries by choice. Due to the current trends in globalization many people have gotten the opportunities to moves to different places. During such visitations, some people will always feel that a certain area is better than their homeland. This was contributed by the increased levels of persecution and oppressive laws that the German Jews were subjected to. The United States provided safety space for this people and they were therefore drawn to migrate from their homeland to America. Currently, the United States has received many immigrants from some parts of Africa and also the Middle East following the conflicts and instabilities in these areas.

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Opportunities in the United States have proven to be more than in other most parts of the United States. This reason has contributed to a high rate of migration to American than the other parts of the world. In conclusion, migration from homeland is mostly contributed by the negative factors subjected to people. There are very minimal circumstances of people who migrate to other areas willingly leaving their homeland where they are most conversant with. The high rates of the immigration to the United States is contributed by the great stability in economy, education, technology and also politically. Work Cited Daniels, Roger.  Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life. Stewart, David W. C.  Immigration and Education: The Crisis and the Opportunities.

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