Essence of Religion and Violence

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Some of the countries that have been involved in long time violence include Somalia found in East Africa, and Syria found in Asia. The violence has been said to strictly as a result of groups with a very strong faith in Islamic. This essay will explore more about the essence of religious violence. There has been a lot of analysis and questions that finally do not bear any answer that is associated with the formations of extremist groups by the Islam’s, (W Irm Haleem pg. This has brought about a significant challenge in understanding the Islamic religion on what they prefer to be good or bad. He also goes to an extent and states that in (Isaiah 45:7) "I will make sure that I create peace but also create evil.

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" This also shows that peace is everything. This is all the word of the living God and how relevant it is today. Even the bible says that when one goes to the war does not go to his friend, but he goes to fight his enemy. Therefore, this shows that war is always between two people or groups and each is always fighting his or her enemy. Islam's have been known as people or religion with softness in violence such that it is easy for them to start violence anytime. A lot of threats have emerged from the Sahel, a part of northern Africa with a group of people with a powerful Islamic presence and beliefs. The dangers are experienced by the people on the other south side who are also very strong in their religion, Christians, although they are supposed to live in peace according to their faith and killing is going against their commandments from the bible.

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The critical factor that leads to religious violence is the need of one religion to feel like it is superior to the other and the kind of gospel they believe maybe it might be wrong according to the perceptions of one religious group. This is what have been happening mostly and bringing a lot of violence mainly between the Islamic and Christianity religions. A lot of violence came when both the Christians and Jews began to ask whether Islamic is faith or imagination. It is even evident that even during a trial of ending the Syrian war the ISIS say that they are no longer in the war with Islam's, but they are in a fight with Islamists. This talks of Christians.

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The continuous reconstruction of tradition has been in the forefront to poses distinctive and severe problems associated with religious or those people with strong beliefs. If to some extent it happens that inquiry is at the end reaches at some point to be inevitable, it draws upon traditional needs inquiry, tradition or it can be either able to drive it or move forward or, if the culture seems or has a sign of approaching death, it is good that to be shut down (John Hall pg. There are also other people who believe that war exists due to people's cultures and personal identity. Religion and violence always lead to the provision of an essential and valuable overview of the general philosophy of religion.

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The view of religion addresses some questions such as is there God and if he is there what does he hate and what does he like from our behaviors towards the faith and also what kind of life does he want us to live. In all the arguments based on Islamic theology, both the defenders and the critics of the faith at the end meet the essentials. This is a kind of doctrine that always has a precise set of conditions which are sufficient and necessary in the formation of criteria showing the correct meaning of property and also being a member of a specific social class. Although the Christian ideas contribute to shaping the world, they are at some point they differ, and that is what brings about a conflict between the two groups.

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The Christians are in all the time discouraging war but the Islamic, on the other hand, they have laws which always favor or are strictly followed such that they are most preferred on their side. This confusion of difference between the Islamic and Christianity laws always brings violence and war in most cases. The rules are in many instances misleading such as those regarding the act of war and more so in the Jihad war. The relationship between or regarding the views and perceptions of religions in the world directs people to fundamentalism and also to violence. John Hall, “Religion and Violence from a Sociological Perspective”, in Mark Juergensmeyer, Margo Kitts & Michael Jerryson (editors), The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), pp.

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