Euthanasia is Morally Wrong

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However, research has proven that most of those who request euthanasia do it for other reasons other than to relieve their suffering. For example, after the legalization of euthanasia in Oregon through the death with dignity Act, several studies were conducted in the following years to determine if the policy was actually working. Linda Ganzini et al (2007) did one such research, it showed issues like an uncertain future, and worries about loss of dignity topped the list on the reasons why patients requested euthanasia. This is contrary to the argument that it is meant to relive suffering (Ganzini, Elizabeth, and Steven 2008). In another study by Lee et al. The increased advocacy and allowance of euthanasia by more and more countries should not release physicians of the moral guilt of committing the act.

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Human life is precious and nobody should have the right to take it. Countries like France and some states in the USA understand this and they have continued to ban any form of mercy killing. Body Euthanasia negatively affects the medical field. For one, by allowing physicians to provide mercy killing, the opportunity for medical research to find cure for the supposed incurable diseases is limited. Mercy killing is not only morally wrong but it also goes against people’s religious beliefs (Suresh and Santosh 2012). The moral questions raised by mercy killing become expounded by the motives behind a patients’ family or relatives in advocating euthanasia. The financial burden of continued care for a terminally ill patient can drive the patient’s family into supporting mercy killing.

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