Field Trip Report in Christian Church Service

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First and foremost, the altar of the church had some green, and blue decoration, as well as two headlights that came to understand later, were to illuminate the speaker so that the congregant who is taking the coverage can have clear footage of the service. The service started with a greeting as the worshippers were being invited on the altar as the congregation is greeted people around them as well as the visitors were welcomed during the time for addresses, thereafter follows a word of prayer that last for close to 20, whereby every Christian believer is really praying and asking their God to feel the service with His presence, and bless the worship team as they lead them into the existence of God as well as every speaker so that, they can minister to the congregation (De Witte and Marleen, 2003).

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Moreover, upon the conclusion of the prayer, the service begins with a time of praise and worship songs whereby two worship songs were singing and later three praise song. The praise and worship took close to thirty minutes, and it is during this time that a solo artist was also featured as he leads the congregation into worship and praying. During that moment I learnt that the purpose of the praise and worship was to exalt themselves to God, and I could see the congregation expressing gratitude, love and thanksgiving to their God for what He has done for them. When it came to praising I dance, and I could see that everyone was happy to be in the presence of God giving thanks for the life something that does not happen to the temple where I have been attending.

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The sermon was very encouraging and giving hope, and the man of God was teaching the word elaborating further by providing definite examples, and I could feel not only as a member of that denomination but also the born-again Christian for it was a powerful message, Gods intent to His children who worship Him in truth and faith. In the light of the above, I realized that there is a sound doctrine that is being preached in the Christians service starting from the praise and worship to the sermon something that I thought only the temple I attend was better just to be proven otherwise by the message that was preached to us by the servant of God. References De Witte, Marleen.

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