Foster care board payments and the logic of the profiteering parent by melissa hardesty

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Subject Area:Social Work

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At the same time, even though the state pays the foster parents, their services are not considered to be provided to the state. Also, the article enlightens the readers that foster parents cannot use this subsidy as income when applying for a loan. This is because the foster parents do not know the real time that the child will be under his or her care and it could be distressing to the foster family who regards these subsidies as their income when the child either goes back to their parents or to another foster home. Moreover, the subsidies are taxable although it is not a must to be included on the tax return and it depends on the time that the child has been leaving with the foster parents and the income they earn.

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Lastly, before a parent is granted the role of a foster parent they have to provide proof that they have a stable income. Moreover, from the article, it can be indicated that intimacy is intrinsically connected to susceptibility and the willingness to trust this vulnerability to another individual. Another lesson learnt from this article is that intimacy exists in different forms which include: the patients' description of pain to the doctor, the magic instance of a first caress, cry of a woman even during rape and the breath of rapist as well as the goodnight kiss of a mother to children. Therefore, it is worthy to conclude that intimacy can be in the form of hatred, love, pleasant, desired, wanted, unpleasant or unwanted and it can be indicated to the form that a relationship can take be it good or not.

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