Freeman Brown Private School Case Study

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Other aspects of the FBPS case study examined are the social responsibilities and how it affects its three main stakeholders that is the employees, children, and parents. Moreover, the paper looks at better ways in which the closure would have been handled through the guide of management theories. Despite the efforts by FBPS to find the best solutions to all the stakeholders involved, there were better ways, both morally and efficiently that they would have use, following the closure. Interaction with the external environment FBPS is an organization that had great interactions with the external environment to set up schools in the community. FBPS made use of material and human resources and changed them into schools that offered high quality education, as seen in the high academic performance.

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Therefore, the entity had to adapt to the new external environment by closing down campuses such as Hampton and Culpeper, for survival and to allow for others campuses to stay open. The decision by FBPS to close the two campuses was vital as it aided in the reduction of the operating cost. Additionally, closing the two non-profit campuses meant that the organization now had more funds available for use in the campuses that remained open. In conclusion, it shows the organizational adaptation for survival of FBPS during the economic recession. Organizational culture and climate At the time of closure of Culpeper and Hampton campuses, the organizational culture was poor. FBPS and the parents had no shared perceptions, and the relationship between the two parties grew weak.

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Evaluation of decision to close and closure process Dr. Murphy and Caudill made poor decisions, which had negative impacts on key stakeholders. During the time, most the Illinois schools were going through difficulties, related to finances, mismanagement, and district related issues. However, Dr. Social responsibilities and impact on stakeholders FBPS had the social responsibility of developing and upholding obligations that protect and develop the society, as the school is one of the contributors in the society. However, FBPS evidently did not carry out their social responsibility to stakeholders that is parents, children and employees as promised. The school closure announcement was late, and the students could not get placements in other schools as it was late and additionally, there were hundreds of students seeking placements in the few schools at the same time.

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The parents were stressed and discouraged as they were not aware if the children would get a chance to school that academic year, or they would discontinue their education. The parents also received no reimbursement for the fee that they had paid for the academic year, despite the fact that their children did not use the fees. Knowing that the school was to close, the parents would plan in advance on how they would transfer their children to other schools or save the school from closure. The human relations management states that people desire to be part of team that supports them (Cole 4). The human relations could have been different, the FBPS management should have returned the money to the parents and listened to them.

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In modern management approaches much focus on strategic issues (Cole 5). FBPS should have looked for better solutions to their problems. The management should have optimum control all the resources including people, material, and financial resources, to ensure they get the best from them, and that the company meets its goals. The management is also responsible for developing the days, monthly, and annual plans to ensure that everyone is aware of what they should be doing, and when they should do it (Schraeder et al. The management needs to effectively lead its people towards the achievement of the goals of a company, and they need to be well organized to avoid confusion, such that they have divided out the roles and responsibilities to everyone.

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