Geopolitical military and regional strength of turkey

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REGIONAL POWER OF TURKEY. REFERENCES. Geopolitical, Military and Regional Strength of Turkey Introduction Turkey occupies a geographic position that is unique and lies partially in both Asia and Europe. It is a country that, throughout its history, has acted as a barrier and as a bridge between two continents. It is located at the intersection of eastern Mediterranean, Balkans, Middle East and Caucasus giving it a very important for states that have expedience in these regions (Nas, 2018). It played a significant role in the transportation of energy since it is located between Caucasus, Russia and Middle East and large markets and producers of energy in Europe and in West. This was one of its strategic advantages although it did not have important reserves of mineral of its own (Bilgin, 2007). Having control over the transportation of energy as many believe is nearly as important as controlling its supplies.

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Turkey, together with other actors around world has played a major role in efforts to strengthen the role of the country as a hub for energy, agitator and energy transportation route in the corridor. This has been achieved because of its geostrategic location between significant suppliers with Middle East being the major producer of energy and consumers of energy and thus creating for itself a powerful role on the global markets for energy (Bilgin, 2007). It also brought the issue of terrorism to the agenda of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In efforts to fight terrorism, turkey resorted to military instruments. It employed harsh, stubborn policy based on military reliance in order to challenge the separatist terror in the region of South Eastern Anatolian. This action also aimed at combating activities of terrorism operated by the PKK.

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For self-defense purposes, turkey dispatched armed forces into North part of Iraq to destroy the guerillas and the training camps of PKK and to stop them from attacking turkey. Furthermore, how daring a nation can be in conflict is greatly affected by the traditions of the army. The tradition of the Turkish army is among the most significant factors of the culture of the Turkish state making it very daring. The most recent example is the shutting down of Russian Fighter Jet. Although this was illegal according to the engagement rules of the area, no European power would have acted as daring as the Turkish army. Additionally, other examples include Kardak/Imia Crisis whereby the Tansu Ciller, the prime minister of Turkey threatened Greece and the Operation Atilia. It became a regional power due to its successful economy, a strong military, network that extend outside the region for instance agreements of trade and partnership of security in Africa and its achievement in democracy that was facilitated by the European Union (MMfttler-Baa, 2014).

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Over the years, Turkey has undergone a lot of transformation leading to changes in the structures of its economy as well as its politics. At the beginning of the decade, market-based and fiscal reforms brought growth in the economy of Turkey which consequently boosted its status of a regional economic power (MMfttler-Baa, 2014). On the other hand, reforms in the domestic politics have boosted high level of democracy, stability and constitutionality. Turkey keeps evolving to become a regional power in terms of foreign policy. Its alliance with and Defense from NATO has enabled Turkey to secure its borders against other powers in the region. The alliance between Turkey and NATO began during the period of Cold War with the containment policy of communism the United States. References Bilgin, P. “Only Strong States Can Survive in Turkey's Geography”: The uses of “geopolitical truths” in Turkey.

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Political Geography, 26(7), 740-756. doi: 10. ssrn.

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