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Richard says one can edit, add, fill and expand the current online profile. When editing an online profile, think about what the employee would want to see. This will be your checklist for the edit. Things like past encounter with previous employers, the level of expertise, how kind you display yourself, how respectful your posts are. Google yourself and take note what information about yourself there is on any social media. Next is the title of your job. It is good to state the several names relating to your job as different managers will run searches using different names and using different names will increase your chances to pop up once the search is run. It is also recommended that one writes the previous experiences.

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The summary part makes one look better than others who are also seeking to land that very job. Keywords are essential in leading the search engine to your profile. The blog should contain professional information not just random thoughts. Posting professional videos on YouTube and sharing the link is also recommended. Adding information to your online resume is important. This should be done in summary and it should be straight to the point. Richard has successfully assembled a series of questions that are supposed to be correctly answered and the answers are supposed to be the perfect online resume. The questions also are very many and this may be a disadvantage to someone trying to answer them. If the job seeker is not able to summarize the answers and come up with a perfect description of themselves, then they will end up with a completely long and cumbersome profile.

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This will not be appealing to read and it may be skipped though it may contain more valuable content compared to a summarized one. The chapter achieves its goals of educating the reader that people who are seeking to hire other people to do certain jobs especially if contacted online do not depend on the resume written on paper. They look up information about the person on google and they get to decide who to hire to take the job. Richard could have engaged more than one social media platform and explained them. Then, in the end, he could give his recommendation that LinkedIn is actually the best one for those seeking jobs. This would convince a much larger audience to join LinkedIn compared to when its only one platform explained.

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The author also would increase the success rate of the article by choosing a series of more general questions for the reader. These general questions would encourage the readers across all careers to work towards attaining perfect online profiles which turn to be perfect resumes and they go a long way in convincing the potential employers to pick that one over the others. In What Color Is Your Parachute. Retrieved November 13, 2017.

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