Healthcare Reforms in America

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President Barrack Obama recently championed for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which marked the new era in the healthcare sector in the United States of America. Obama's healthcare proposal did not succeed because it was superior to the rest but rather because of the political number which he had at the time he was making the proposal. This was because in the 2008 general election, the Democrats won most seats in both houses and fortunately that was the same time the proposal was made. This was an ideal time because one party had the ability to control both the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Congress. President Barrack Obama capitalized the political climate which he was enjoying at that time after the 2008 general election to make the reforms.

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In 2009, Democrats had 60 senators, this was an assurance that they would win even if other Senators chose to oppose the vote. This is because it is allowed in the Senate for someone who is opposing the bill to filibuster unless the supermajority of 60 votes is available so as to override them. This means that the Democrats senators were very influential. The sixty senators supported the Obamacare fully because they were aware that they were benefiting directly from it. It was therefore obvious that the Democrats had the power to pass the healthcare reforms without having to stress themselves to transform any Republican to support them. The main role of pharmaceutical companies is to provide medical products to patients. Although pharmaceutical companies incur a lot of cost in research, they should adopt a moral responsibility that will make their product affordable to the clients.

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In addition, the pharmaceuticals firms should use pharmacists with in-depth know-how on the product they sell to create awareness on risk and advantages of specific products involved. Lastly, patients can also adopt a concept called care flow maps that monitors the awareness of problems to treatment at every stage. This measure is able to make patients engage with pharmaceutical companies in ways that are personal, that is, patients are able to provide vital in making important and correct choices. Healthcare reform changed the insurance sector so as to allow more Americans to access insurance cover. Further, the healthcare reform encourages primary and preventive care in addition to requiring the American population to purchase health insurance. The healthcare reform law imposes protections to guard against unreasonable insurance rates increases.

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