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Intangible cultural aspects entail traditions, folklore, knowledge, and language (Ann, 2016). Heritage assessment is a tool used to assess, maintain and restore the culture and beliefs of a particular individual. Heritage assessment tool is used by healthcare providers to determine health methods. A majority of the traditional health aspects deal with individuals mental, physical and mental beliefs. This study attempts to conduct heritage assessment on three families from three cultures namely Mexican Catholic, Indian-Hindu and USA catholic which is the author’s cultural group. The Mexican Catholics use folk remedies to cure illness, a practice acquired from the Roman Catholic church. Some of the herbs used include mint tea and cinnamon. The Mexican Catholics spend much time together with their families and unity is a core aspect in their daily lives.

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Indian Hindu. The Indian Hindu family reported having numerous traditional and cultural practices based on healthcare. The Indian family reported the up-to-date practice of incantations and belief in invisible force which supplements western medicine in the aspects of healing and enhancing well-being. USA Catholics As a USA catholic, I was able to relate my cultural practices to the heritage assessment tool, to enable me to understand the concept of protection, maintenance, and restoration of health practices. As USA Catholics, one of the common belief is that good health is a reward from God while ill health is a punishment from God for doing wrong (Martinez, 2014). God is the sole healer and most people would seek medical attention at worsts stages of illness.

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Most of them are saints and believe in God for healing purposes. A sacred oil could be used and fasting was believed to enhance spiritual strength. The Indian-Hindus also practiced proper nutrition and exercise such as yoga to maintain their health. All of the three cultures report using herbs for ailments before worsening of medical conditions. For the Mexican-Catholics eating together was a way of maintaining health. Health Protection The Indian –Hindus just like the USA Catholics and the Mexican Catholics believe in the spiritual power to protect them from ill health. Incorporation of western medicine such as vaccination can be seen to a smaller extent. Health Restoration The Indian-Hindus report the usage of ancient healing traditions and the use of magical and invisible powers.

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