Heuristic evaluation of Shorewood swim club

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Below is the summary of my findings. Positive Findings • The information provided in the front page of the display is very attractive and relevant to the sites propositions • The layout is specifically done so that it is easy for different age uses to easily understand the necessary and relevant information • The scheduled meetings and times are a meticulous directive information so that it intrigues the person who visits the website. • My evaluation was done appropriately due to the information provided by the website and was a solid base to successfully complete my three scenario evaluation. Scenario 1: Parents looking for a safe and secure place for their child/children to swim There is a section that is accessible for parents and all the relevant information in relation to everything for beginners is displayed.

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It also provides valid information for children who are afraid of swimming, cannot swim or is a good swimmer. • Feedback settings There was no available option to easily access other information but options of swimming. There are certain information that is presently for only the members which can be sometimes not user friendly. • Understandable language The language is English which is appealing for majority of people but there could also be an option of two other languages so that foreigners or people who do not understand it can have access to information. There is a bit of confusion on trying to find information on other enrollments than for children • Consistent language settings There is a good consistent flow of using as each page is in English and easy to use simplified meaning of words.

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It is clearly easy for navigation and moving towards icons and what each of it represents. The functioning was very simple and it did not take me deeper into other links of attachments instead what Icon I pressed on was what was displayed. • Recognition rather than recall This was a good display, pictures and icons were displayed more than lengthy paragraphs which was easier to absorb into the memory • Help and communication Contact details were displayed but there was no direct hotline or information that could take within a 24 hour span. We have to simply send a message and wait for a reply or we could call them which would be more efficient. • Aesthetic and minimal design The design had a great visual appeal and it was clear what type of website it was and catered to what needs as the pictures were all relevant and appropriate.

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