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Here the manager will perform the as-is analysis is so that they can be able to compare the strategy of the hotel industry versus the existing competitors. The blue ocean tools enable the user to break away from the current market boundaries and provides a platform for looking into the bigger playing field. Thus it is prudent while constructing this document to consult what is going to be the personal strategy to leap higher in the hotel industry (Kim, Chan, and Renée, 18). The blue ocean strategy aims at pursuing the elimination of higher costs and achievement of differentiation simultaneously. Thus, it is not based on eliminating or out-performing the existing competition in the hotel industry; nevertheless, it is aimed at creating a new market space which the one is referred to as the blue ocean.

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Hotel Manager Blue Ocean Strategy Principles In the formulation of a blue ocean strategy, some principles are followed for its efficient construction. They were generally 6 and they are: ensuring that execution is enhanced into strategy, this leading to the hotel to overcome key organization hurdles. There is reaching beyond the current demand which will enable the company to reconstruct new market boundaries. In getting the strategic sequence right, one can focus on the bigger picture without relying on numbers. Hotel Manager Blue Ocean Strategy Eliminate • Existing price competition • Eliminate waste of time Reduce • Lagging at the same level • Staying at the same academic level Raise • Quality of safety • House-to-house direct services Create • Start my hotel • Create a value innovation Value Innovation Value innovation in blue ocean strategy always places equal opportunities for emphasis on innovation and value.

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There are no discrepancies as in the structural conditions brings an attractive view of the hotel. The quality aligns with the value resulting in the creation of capabilities which lead to the construction of a strong market position. The hotel owners are well entrenched, and they result to the hotel creating its niche without the assistance of blue ocean strategy. In the hotel company, there is the creation of three schemes that guarantee the alignment. They are value proposition which will attract the buyers, profit proposition which will make the company to make money and people proposition that will make the employees at the hotel to execute this strategy (Kim, Chan, and Renée, 17). The quality aligns with differentiation resulting in the creation of capabilities which lead to the construction of a distinctive position.

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