How Criminologists Study the Crime Problem

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i. Effectiveness The question about whether the alarms really work covers a wide range of variables that have to be determined whether they are fully covered by this measure. This variable examines whether the alarms do exactly what they are indented to and in the right manner. It tests whether the protection aimed at is achieved through this method and if they are strong to an extent that they cannot be defeated by any destructive measures. ii. It should also be found whether the alarms can resist most of the things that might damage them because manufacturers advertise them as damage proof by anything, even people with malicious intentions. b) Describe what would appear in an “exploratory” study about car alarms.

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Car alarms are devices that are configured to car systems so that they can notify the owner or criminologists on anything bad happening to the car. It involves installation of a device into the car that has sensors connected to all parts of the car for detecting when an unauthorized person gets into contact with any car part. It deals with protecting cars from thieves to reduce the diverse cases of theft that are being witnessed. It compares between those who use the cars with alarms ant the others without. The owners with the vehicles are interviewed to provide information on whether they fare better in cases when their cars are targeted to be stolen than those with unprotected vehicles. Determination of whether such devices work well in real world situations is also made under the evaluation study.

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Police files are also used to consider the percentage of vehicles that are stolen with the same protection. Investigations done by journalists are also used to find whether the best selling devices are effective. Why has the problem remained unresolved for a long time? The problem remains unresolved due to lack of cops commitment iii. Why do most of those who are involved escape the cases? Most people escape because they have some connections with the copes. b) Pose at least 3 additional questions about murders in New York City and answer them based on the evidence cited in this article on the website. • Why did most murders occur on Saturdays? Most murders occurred on Saturdays because it is when most people are free and when they interact with strangers.

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Saturdays are also linked with most recreations that may turn out to trouble between those involved leading to murdering of some. ii. Are the subjects to the crimes sued? Most of the criminals are never found to be sued to court. iii. Which arms are mainly used? Guns are the most popular. d) Look at the article that tells the sad stories behind 5 unsolved NYC murders. She does this because she wants closure of justice. The son was trying to chase a man who was breaking into their home. Unfortunately Dolene has never got any aid for capturing whoever had killed her son. The irony remains to be why the suspected criminal is already known but copes have never caught him.

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Q3) Differing Political Views About The Crime Problem And Its Solutions a) Study Miller’s article and then explain the conservative view about crime. This would help in solving most crimes that have been witnessed for long. iii. A culture change This policy aims at encouraging people on unity and discouraging racism. d) Study Miller’s article and then explain the liberal view about crime. Crime is any action that would cause arm to other people or lose of their property. It can also be said that children of low-income neighborhoods are susceptible to criminal activities due to active participation b) Argue that “poverty does not cause street crime” by discussing at least 3 other theories about the causes of crime that do not emphasize poverty but point to something else as a crucial factor.

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Only choose theories discussed in class). Poverty does not necessarily lead to crime but the motives and the kind of peer group a person belongs to. It is not a guarantee than when one is born in crime they must be criminals. It only depends on ones decision making status of an individual and not situation.

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