How researchers did their research on race as a social construct

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For example, race became the foremost form of human identity, thus causing a tragic effect that leads to undermining the black people. Racism can be brought out as the central question of what is happening in the society and what can be done to end it. In the social anthropology, a race is brought as the main cause of why people have differences that make them treat each other with much difference. Through different authors, the paper has been able to gather much data concerning the race. The purpose of this paper is to identify the main causes of race differences that have existed throughout the history since the seventh century and the impact that it has brought to humanity. Another assumption that is made is that different ethnic groups have a different interest that makes it hard to remain united.

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Ethnic groups can be brought out as organizational groups. This is because they get classify people according to their basic, most general identity that is determined by their origin and background (Barth, 1998). Due to the classification, it leads to a categorization of people which may support the race discrimination. This is because people will end up having differences such as, the level of living standards and other factors that lead to discrimination among people. A race has been a form of identification even in the modern conception of human differences. The human identity was used during the colonization that involved western Europe and also the American colonization. The race was a form of identification in America which was mostly focused on political realities and social.

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The race was used commonly in the 16th century since English could not be used as a form of identification. By the 18th century, English had become so common even to the American Indians who had both physical and ascent difference. Through the new understanding of the “race” as proof that it is nothing than just a social invention. Therefore, it does not have anything to deal with the potential, qualities and also the physical population that has much difference. Anthropologist, argue that the term ‘race’ was constructed in the 18th century in order to take advantage of the American population (Smedley, 2005). The new understanding has brought a lot of changes in the way people used to view others. For example, in America, a black person could not find a place in the political ground.

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a cosmological ordering system structured out of the political, economic, and social realities of peoples who emerged as expansionist, conquering, dominating nations on a worldwide quest for wealth and power” (Smedley, 1998). In the 20th century, the racial discrimination seems to have undermined and people learning on how to leave together. The racial difference is of the things that drag people from progress and doing incredible things. Various ethnic groups learning to come together and working together builds a strong nation that everybody gets to enjoy his or her freedom. While colonist was bust in folk the ideas of race, the Europeans were concentrating on scientific classifications that involved the human groups in the 18th century. This is due to people who still do not want to accept the changes that have occurred in the previous decades.

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From the earlier information, it has been noted that racial is just world view society. Despite the failure of the scientist to showcase the difference between what they state as racial, some people still they can prove the world otherwise thus engaging in more research including that of the DNA. However, some of the groups have come to challenge the government to stop the collection of information that is related to the race and ethnicity. They argued that the continuity of the activity will lead to more divisions in the society, that follows the division of the country. In his first argument, he claims that biologist has failed because they were unable to divide non-human class into subspecies. He claims that failing to classify them in such groups makes them meaningless.

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That is, they cannot help them in acquiring important data as there no further research under the classification. However, he concludes by stating that the subspecies concept cannot be used in human identification, the reason being it is a variation of human contexts. Still, the argument is not credible enough to showcase if humans are limited by race. In America, the Indians and blacks and to struggle in order to survive due to the limited freedom that they had. As most of the black Americans could not have freedom, they were forced to be slaves just because of the ethnic group. A race has been an issue affecting people globally from many decades ago. The issue of race as continued to affect people up until the 19th century when people gained the new understanding of the human race.

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