Impact of internet on international sale and marketing

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By doing so, the identified gap will be filled, while the potential research can be proposed. Consequently, this proposal critically discusses the research design and research questions of the study. Accordingly, the administrative implication related to global internet marketing and ethical issues is discussed. Table of Contents Abstract 2 1. 0 Introduction 4 2. 0 Summary of Research study 12 7. 0 Conclusion 12 8. 0 References 13 1. 0 Introduction Today, there are colossal changes in the manner in which marketing tactics are applied; the manner in which sale personnel sells and promote their products in the international market and the way in which international business distribute their goods. The primary purpose behind all these changes has been the dramatic advancement of technology and the coordinating opening of international markets (Bakos and Brynjolfsson, 2018). According to Hamill (2007), internet has removed conventional geographic barriers since any potential customer can virtually access e-commerce site from anyplace in the world.

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Furthermore, the internet provides various advantages to international organizations to grow their general potential in the global market. The development of the internet as a worldwide communication framework has created another marketing channel for international companies to reach more customers. The internet has changed the manner in which international firms work redefining various processes, such as product and service design, distribution, inventory management, sale, and marketing (Harrison, Waite and Hunter, 2014). Thus, the internet has changed the role of international marketers and their relationship with customers. For IP management company use of the internet is for post-marketing and steady services which enable the company to generate more income and enhance customers’ relationship (Terzi, 2011). Because of the strong role of the internet in international marketing, marketers attempt to make more alluring and inventive advertising efforts to attract more people to shop online.

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The Internet has removed the conventional geographic limits so that for all intents and virtually any potential customers can access online shopping webpage from anyplace in the world whenever (Suri, Long and Monroe, 2013). In addition, the internet gives various advantages to multinational organizations to expand the overall potential in the global market, for example, an expansion in global awareness of the product and save cost in communication. The internet provides an effective and economic path for multinational organizations to make an extra e- commerce exercise to market their products. Thus, this part is centered on how the internet has affected the international marketing mix. Product/Service Design Electronic communication with customers provides an opportunity for international organizations to differentiate their products and empowered extreme level of customization of services.

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According to Terzi (2011), advancements in internet technology, particularly the introduction of the portable Internet, have empowered international organizations to improve their relationship with customers. Hence, the internet enables customers to effectively partake in the value creation process of a product by choosing characteristics, price and delivery choices. Thus, the internet enables international firms to collaborate with customers in creating the value of the product. 1 Research design Research design involves the decisions that researchers apply to collect data. A research study can either be categorized as a quantitative or qualitative method (Pepper and Wildy, 2009). Notwithstanding, which of these methodologies holds the best legitimacy has involved discussion for several decades. In the wake of considering the diverse research design strategies, qualitative research strategies will be applied to conduct the study.

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Since this research is explorative nature, a qualitative strategy is appropriate for collecting the relevant data in the study. To guarantee the reliability of the research, I will ensure that data will be collected in trustworthy sources and that all data is analyzed for precisely and with integrity. In addition, the validity of the research will be built up by using data collection techniques that are appropriate for this study in order to ensure the primary and secondary questions of the research study are accurate answers. The validity of the study will likewise be refined by connecting personal experience related to the phenomena so that emphasis is placed on the information given by the participants of the study. 0 Project Plan 5. 1 GNATT chart for activities Activity/Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Data Collection (Relevant data will be collected from through interviews and questionnaire ) Review Literature Draft Research Objective and research Question Draft Literature Review Chapter Draft Methodology Chapter Analyzing data Drafting Finding Chapter First draft of final report Final project report and submission 5.

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