Importance of Ethics in The Field of Engineering and Technology

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The most common concepts of engineering ethics include the professional responsibility, which refers to the moral responsibility grounded on a person’s special knowledge. Therefore, the objective of responsible engineers should be the creation of safe and useful technological commodities while respecting the autonomy of the public and the clients, particularly in issues pertaining to risk taking. Besides, fundamental obligation public safety, health, as well as, welfare, engineering ethics is generally concerned with the integrity of data, conflicts of interests, loyalty, whistle-blowing, accountability, trade secrets, offering credit where due, as well as, gift giving and bribes (IES GS, 2017). Therefore, it is crucial for the engineers to enact morally responsible decisions, which will result into the most positive result for the environment and the public.

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Therefore, engineers must consider safety, environmental effect, as well as, cultural consideration in the course of their works. In most cases the engineering profession is dominated by male engineers making it hard for female engineers to be successful in the profession. Engineers also need to recognize their role in the economy. They have a role in improving the economies of the countries they work in therefore they need ethics to engage in projects that add to the value of the economy (IES GS, 2017). For instance, they may call upon to carry out government projects like road constructions that may not be paying a lot of money like the private sector. By using their ethics, they can carry out these projects effectively without paying too much attention on the money.

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