Issues and Challenges in modern Network Security

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Network security acted as the defense in issues like; secure and authenticated access to information which is related to information security. Wi-Fi networks provide wireless internet access to information in most organizations, and there is a need for it to be protected from any hacking attempts. This wireless network can be protected by the use of a robust password. Network security measure includes; installation of Antivirus, use of strong passwords, preparing a network monitor that is used when needed, and the installation of closed-circuit televisions in restricted areas. Network security tools include; Nessus, N-map, Ethereal, snort, net cat, and kismet. researchgate. net/publication/267691532_MODERN_NETWORK_SECURITY_ISSUES_AND_CHALLENGES Network Routing Network routing refers to movement of packets of data from a source to its destination.

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A network interface card usually has a specific address known as an IP number. When packets of data are being moved between computers, the data must be sent in packets which have the IP address of the receiver. It acts as an Ethernet with the sender and receiver’s IP addresses. Initiatives are being brought out to address these issues such as the Internet of things. Many security breaches are being committed through children’s toys, security cameras, and video recorders. Network routing warns people about such incidences that occur in our day to day society. Attackers usually exploit weaknesses at every level of networking from LAN to BGP. Network routing is one of those areas that quickly results in weak spots.

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