Japanese American Seating Inc Case Study

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Subject Area:Management

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Following the growth and development of the automotive industry based in North America, JASI Inc. felt the need of rethinking and revisiting its functionality. The development of vehicle companies such as Toyota and Ford and the increased production of vehicles increased the demand for seats. Kasai Kogyo Ltd in Tokyo and Banting Seat Corporation formed a joint venture, supplying seats on 65-35 basis respectively to the Orion Manufacturing Corporation. JASI was among the suppliers of Orion. Growth has been realized since the management has taken into consideration the need of working hard to cater for the needs and the specifications of the vehicle buyers such as complete seats. The administrative relationships within the organization were the main duty of Neetham. The joint venture was in a cross-cultural environment, and there was the need of constant revisiting of the interrelationships.

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