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In this research, I will choose the Jersey Devil as my cryptid. The reason for choosing it is the circumstances that surround its existence. According to the stories told, the creature came to be as a result of supernatural powers. The idea of superpower is exciting and worth thorough research. According to the stories given, the creature emerges once in a while from the marshes of the southern part of the New Jersey and go about causing violence in the streets before disappearing back to the marshes. In the year 1735, she got into labor and delivered a normal child who later changed to a grotesque creature (Noble and Kelley 76). The creature had bat wings, a goat’s head, hooves, and also had a forked tail.

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After the transformation, the creature then killed the midwife and flew away through the chimney. However, tales on how the Jersey Devil came to differ. Some tales say that Madame Leeds was a witch and her husband was the devil himself. As a result of this, students were unable to acquire necessary knowledge that is required to enable them to acquire different jobs leading to collapsing of the economy of New Jersey. The creature also influenced an improvement in the unity of the people of Jersey. Whenever a common problem arises in any society, people are forced by circumstances to unite and dedicate their energy and resources in fighting the menace. The creature could not be fought at an individual level.

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Therefore, people had to put down their differences and unite. The revenue collected is then used to develop various infrastructures in the region enabling the residents to have a comfortable life. The Jersey Devil has also enriched the history of the area. Every society has its history. However, some societies have richer histories than others, and hence they tend to excite people from all over the world. When people are interested, they research the topic, visit the place, and involve members of the society among many other things which are beneficial to the community. Works Cited Cunningham, John T.  The Jersey Devil.  fton Pub. "The Jersey Devil & Pine Barrens Folklore - New Jersey Pine Barrens - Pinelands Preservation Alliance. " Pine Barrens, New Jersey Pinelands Protection - Pinelands Preservation Alliance, www.

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