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The only way that these aspects can be made known is through spreading news using different methods. Journalism of one of the elements that can be used to make individuals aware of various activities that are happing within the society. This element involves the production and well as the distribution of reports that pertain to several issues. This kind of profession is guided by specific ethics which provide a way that various activities should be done. However, despite the ethics that have been developed, some individuals have violated these rules. This issue poses a great ethical dilemma in this profession as truthfulness is the primary ethical issue that is advocated. Many individuals want journalism to show what they want instead of the truth because they do not want their shoddy dealing to be brought to light.

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Leaders are supposed to serve the residents of their society transparently. However, some leaders fail to behave in such a manner due they are incompetent. Therefore, these leaders might take part in some shoddy activities for their selfish gains. Apart from truthfulness as the primary ethical issue that should be embraced in journalism, fairness is the other aspect. Journalists are faced with a lot of challenges when they are collecting information until it reaches the presentation stage. Different people might be faced with various issues within the society. With this issue in mind, journalists are expected to exhibit fairness when they are presenting their information. The information should not discriminate against specific groups in that it should exhibit some fairness in it.

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While releasing information in this manner, the journalists are faced with the dilemma what could be the outcome if it turns out to be wrong. The other issue is objectivity which states that when conducting various activities they should be objective in that they are supposed to achieve something. Some journalists will collect, asses and present information that is under public need and present them. This information my lack of objectivity because the journalists may look for information to satisfy the public need and this aspect causes a lot of ethical dilemmas (Waisbord p. Concluding, various issues are taking place in our society some of which have a significant impact on the lives of different human beings. Borden, Sandra.  Journalism as practice: MacIntyre, virtue ethics and the press.

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